Mystical Chiropractic. Part 3

The Unbearable Lightness of “Innate” In “The Chiropractic Story” (1968), Marcus Bach, Ph.D., an acquaintance of Palmer’s son B.J., defined “Innate” as “the focus of divine mind expressed through mortal mind, challenging the latter to recognize its essence as divine.” He posited two forms of Innate: “personalized” and “corporate” (collective). Bach wrote:

Mystical Chiropractic. Part 2

‘Subluxations’ In scientific healthcare, subluxations are unambiguous occurrences. In medicine, the word means partial displacement of a bone in a joint. In dentistry, it usually refers to an abnormal loosening of teeth without displacement. However, the typical chiropractic subluxation is imaginary.

Mystical Chiropractic. Part 1

Although some styles of chiropractic are not supernaturalistic, chiropractors have been among the chief innovators and supporters of mystical healing since the inception of their trade. Three members of my immediate family patronized chiropractors — one of whom utilized cupping — and for many years I vaguely mistook chiropractic for a branch of medicine.

The Rate of Weight Loss

In pursuit of making the treatment of obesity more of a science, my colleagues and I tried to establish principles for an appropriate rate of weight loss.

Older Adults Take Fitness Seriously, Too

It’s always wise to exercise. Exercise, in fact, is the closest thing to an anti-aging potion. A Tufts University study, for instance, found women who did strength exercises twice a week for one year had bodies that were 15 to 20 years more youthful than when they began.

Hair Loss Prevention

While it is true that hair loss occurs as a natural aging factor, it is currently a troublesome trend that numerous males experience hair loss at younger ages. So, what is it that men can do in order to prevent hair loss? The following ideas merit consideration.

Caloric intake

The new being growing inside of you adds approximately 300 to 800 calories to your daily caloric needs. You need to eat for two, but remember that number two is much smaller than you are and the calories that he or she needs should be obtained from fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins, not excess fat.

Adverse Effects of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs on the Gastrointestinal Tract. Part 2

NSAIDs suppress but do not eliminate inflammation completely. NSAID-mediated COX-1 inhibition must be maintained over long durations to achieve clinical remission of inflammation symptoms. It is this lengthy period of NSAID use that is the likely cause of GI side effects. The physiological mechanisms that account for GI side effects produced by COX-1 inhibitors involve…