Mystical Chiropractic. Part 5

Baby B.E.S.T. is an adaptation of B.E.S.T. to infants. In “Baby B.E.S.T.,” Morter states that the main objective of this variant is “the removal of segmentation imbalances to restore symmetry to the child.” This allegedly “allows for an updating of the neurological responses to and from the brain.” In “B.E.S.T.,” he claims that the left leg of acutely ill infants is usually shorter than the right, and that this “configuration” indicates “reversed polarity.” The Morter HealthSystem “Level II Child Care & Adjusting” videotape purports to demonstrate that balancing the flow of electromagnetic energy results in instantaneous equalization of leg length.

Just Between Us ‘Innates’
Concept therapy is a pseudonatural chiropractic system based on the notion of “Innate to Innate communication.” The system’s originator, chiropractor Thurman Fleet (1895-1983), introduced it in 1931, and his son, George T. Fleet, Jr., promotes it through the Concept-Therapy Institute, in San Antonio, Texas. An institute flyer states: “The Human is a soul (psyche), and has what he or she calls a mind and a body.” Concept therapy comprises a “diagnostic” phase — zone therapy diagnosis — and a “therapeutic” phase — suggestive therapy.

Chiropractor Eddie Harrison described the “diagnostic” phase in the November 1990 issue of The American Chiropractor:

It divides the nervous system and body into six Health Zones: Glandular, Eliminative, Nerve, Digestive, Muscular [and] Circulatory Zones. There are six corresponding reflex points on each side of the occiput [back of the head] and four vertebrae associated with each Health Zone. Analysis consists of locating the most sensitive point on the occiput, indicating which Zone is stressed, and then specific adjustments are given to the subluxated vertebrae. If the adjustment is correct, there is an immediate reduction of tenderness on the reflex point. This is very impressive to the new patient. Zone testing at lay lectures is a winning procedure. People love it.

Suggestive therapy, the “therapeutic” phase of concept therapy, involves spinal “adjustments,” “healing suggestions,” a diet “to eliminate toxins,” and food combining. The basis of suggestive therapy is D.D. Palmer’s interpretation of autosuggestion. In scientific medicine, the term “autosuggestion” refers to the process whereby individuals accept an idea or plan and then adjust their behavior to it. For example, a smoker may convince himself that smoking entails an inordinate risk and thereby quit. Palmer, however, apparently regarded autosuggestion both as a key cause of disease and as a variant of self-healing.

In a booklet titled “The Cause of Disease” (1967), Thurman Fleet expounded:

Intense thinking about disease is probably what Dr. Palmer meant by autosuggestion. Intense thinking about a disease or ailment will, in time, create the disease in the body. … A person can center his mind on some negative aspect of health, or disease, and actually [create] a thing in his mind called a concept. A concept is a group of ideas put together, with precision, which becomes a thing — either a bad thing for the body or a good thing. …

People use their thinking power to think negatively and thereby bring upon themselves deplorable conditions. This power can be used for good or evil, for health or disease. …

A person suffering from a functional disease, or disorder, must go to the doctor in whom he or she has faith. Faith is the key that opens the door to the Innate Healing Power. …

When a doctor, seeking a cure, goes to … people [who teach any technique] and becomes sold on what they teach him, he goes back to his office and, with faith in that system, he explains it to his patient and transfers his faith over to him or her. Then the patient gets well by that particular system.

Accordingly, a Concept-Therapy Institute flyer claims that concept therapy enables doctors to cure “under any and all systems.” A circular for a 1992 seminar claimed:

How you deliver your adjustment to reduce subluxations carries with it a vibratory suggestion that directs the Innate Intelligence to speed up or delay the patient’s recovery. …

The doctor’s thoughts, ideas and inner feelings are transmitted to the patient vibratorily. The doctor who learns the hook-up between Doctor Innate and Patient Innate becomes a powerful broadcaster of health and success. Herein lies the discovery of getting patients well and attracting a bigger practice.

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