Hair Loss Prevention

While it is true that hair loss occurs as a natural aging factor, it is currently a troublesome trend that numerous males experience hair loss at younger ages. So, what is it that men can do in order to prevent hair loss? The following ideas merit consideration.

Hair loss can be a result of genetic, biological or environmental causes. If you suffer from male pattern baldness that is caused by heredity, it can be treated medically. You can take oral medication or apply topical medications, such as Rogaine and generic Propecia, which both contain Minoxidil. This ingredient stops the formation of follicle-destroying DHT. Scientific studies have proven that both of these drugs simulate the growth of new hair. However, the caveat is that a man needs to take both of these medicines continuously, or else the new hair can continue to shed when the medicine is discontinued. Genetic male pattern baldness is frequently the result of genetics in which the father of the person who is experiencing hair loss was also a person who experienced baldness.

Adjust your lifestyle to deal with hair loss that is caused by environmental and biological factors. Hair loss can also be caused by stress.

People may shed hair when under stress or when they are anxious. This can be caused by problems at work or other issues. The key is to learn how to handle both positive and negative stress. On top of that, you must eat right and balance your lifestyle. Eat an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid eating fried, fatty foods and eat foods that are rich in protein (a lack of protein can cause hair loss). People who are busy working many hours and frequently miss their meals can buy some multivitamins to help their bodies with vitamins and minerals they lack. You must also get plenty of good sleep. Sleep allows the body to rejuvenate, and allows the body to repair its scalp cells. Lack of sufficient sleep can frequently cause hair loss, so make sure you get a minimum of eight hours of sleep per day to prevent future hair loss! A regular exercise program done on a weekly basis helps to add increased health to the body and also to the scalp and hair.

Hair loss can also be the result of shampooing the hair incorrectly, using too many chemicals on the scalp or using the wrong types of shampoos! Make certain that the shampoo you are using is the correct one for your scalp. Do not engage in hair treatments that are harsh to your scalp, including dying your hair and waxing your head. Additionally, it is helpful to learn the correct way to shampoo the hair, which involves shampooing deeply, as well as completely. If you don’t get all of the shampoo out of your hair after washing, it can irritate your scalp. If you have questions, you should arrange a consultation with a trichologist.

Additionally, hair loss can be the result of consuming medications and receiving chemical therapies, such as chemotherapy. However, this type of hair loss is only temporary and should cease whenever the treatments with medicines and other chemicals ceases.

To summarize, men who suffer from hair loss need to look at the previously-mentioned techniques that are used to fight against their receding hairlines ahead of time.