Check Your Medical Insurance

Bringing that bundle of joy out of the womb and into the world costs money. Lots of money. How much depends on a variety of factors such as whether the mother has health insurance, what type of birth experience a couple desires and where in the country one lives.

Health insurance is the single most important factor in making pregnancy affordable. Without health insurance, the couple or single parent will be responsible for the entire cost of the birth, which could run up to $5,000 or even higher. Delivery complications that arise with either the laboring mother or fetus can increase this amount substantially.

What the insurance provider will and will not cover needs to be discovered before your contractions are five minutes apart and it is time to head to the hospital! Does the policy set limits on maternity care? Are there any special deductibles? What percentage of care is covered for the various procedures that may be performed, such as standard delivery, cesarean delivery, special high-risk prenatal tests , etc. Ask the insurance carrier to give you a list of what is covered.

Newborns must be insured also. The newborn will receive visits from a pediatrician in the hospital before he or she goes home and this is usually billed separately from the mother. Having an infant born prematurely or with a medical condition requiring neonatal care will accrue a substantial hospital bill. Circumcision is a fairly common procedure that results in additional costs. Planning ahead is essential in order to prevent a serious financial situation from developing.

It is possible to find out affordable, cheap health insurance quotes specially for your family and you. You may in reality understand that preferring medical insurance online will economize you money.