Women's Health

Approach Your Boss

If you’ve got a choice of whom to speak with about your maternity leave, choose the supervisor that you think will be most sympathetic to your cause. Unfortunately, talking to your boss is probably easiest if you’re planning to leave your job altogether. But if you offer a proposal or two, you may be able to cut a pretty good deal for your maternity leave.

If you are enthusiastic and express your desire to return to work, this can also win big points with the boss. Show him or her that you’re committed and willing to work at home during your maternity leave. You certainly don’t want to work full — or probably even part — time. Just reassure him or her that you will finish your projects ahead of time and be available in case of an emergency.

Another good tip is to plan a little flexibility on the date of your return to work. Once you’ve held your newborn in your arms, you may not want to head back to work as early as you had initially planned.

When you talk to your boss, offer a written schedule of your proposed maternity leave. After your talk you may have to alter a few things. Regardless, be sure to have your final maternity leave schedule in written form and make sure that your boss has approved it.

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